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Since the founding of the RSTC Europe in 1994, a lot has changed in the diving education sector. Having agreed to all the affiliated organizations to establish minimum safety standards for the training of divers and dive instructors, this will help to improve the understanding between the members as well as the increased acceptance of the diving industry at European and global level.

The contact details of our members as well as DAN as a consulting member have been deposited on a separate page. The influence of affiliated organizations extends across Europe, large parts of the Red Sea and the Maldives. The aim of the RSTC is to support the dipping industry with all legitimate means; The formation and presentation of a professional forum that leads to a worldwide recognition of recreational diving. The expertise of the RSTC Europe provides the state institutions that are committed to the improvement of the safety measures / standards for divers in Europe, the necessary basis for the preparation of an unbiased code of conduct in terms of diving safety.

This is to ensure the efficient and consistent application of the standardization of the legal and statutory templates for the professional training of recreational divers in Europe.

By equating European and international qualifications on the one hand, the competent authorities are given a better comparison of competencies and qualifications, which are then applied internationally; And on the other hand the diver is offered the possibility to pursue his / her diving sport unhindered thanks to a worldwide recognized certificate. With the international recognition of the Tauchsport its public acceptance is expanded, which serves the promotion of tourist and maritime interests. The attached Facts & Figures brochure provides you with comprehensive information.


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