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Diving in Europe: A promising market

The number of the active sports, leisure and hobby divers worldwide adds up to an estimated 15 million people. Approximately 3 to 4 million divers originate from Europe, where RSTC Europe represents approximately 80 percent of the market.

The typical diving student attends a diving course and buys during or briefly thereafter substantial items of equipment, sometimes the entire set of diving equipment. Further courses are being attended by 20 percent and more than 80 percent of beginners book a diving holiday combined with diving activities into their holiday plan within the first two years after the basic course.

The potential for diving shops and training agencies is large: the diving student invests on average, either during or shortly after the basic training session, up to Euro 1,600 into equipment, approximately Euro 400 into the beginners training and between Euro 80 to Euro 300 for further training levels. On average the diving student completes two training courses (at Euro 300 each) and depending upon interest and local conditions additionally between 2 to 6 specialty courses (at Euro 100 each). These add up to an average of approximately Euro 3,000 by each diving student. Additionally, sales of travel, rental fees and local expenses are not taken into consideration in these examples.

Hence, the revenue within the equipment range amounted in 2015 to approx. Euro 190 million in Europe. Therefore, the sport diving industry is a subtantial economic factor overall. According to latest figures in the worldwide scuba equipment market, it is expected to grow in the years 2016 to 2020 by up to four percent. Sophisticated new devices are ever more in demand, particularly digital cameras or advanced diving computers as well as ecologically harmless materials (i.e. thermal plastic elastomeric etc. …).

On basis of its member’s data, RSTC Europe provides each year new comprehensive statistics (Facts & Figures), which are being published and made available.

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