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Representing the diving industry: RSTC Europe acts

RSTC Europe works to ensure that diving can place in a responsible and safe manner without unnecessary or impractical restriction. For example, it is important that reasonable access is available to inland bodies of water and coastlines that are suitable diving sites, while protecting the environment and other water users.

By encouraging its members to always comply with RSTC and other international diving standards such as EN/ISO, the diving industry has proven to be very capable of self-regulation and has grown to its present substantial size in a controlled and responsible way.

RSTC Europe is an important partner and vital link between recreational diving service providers, the diving industry, tourism, federations and relevant governments and policymakers.

RSTC-Europe Administration
c/o International Aquanautic
Club GmbH & Co. KG
Frintroper Str. 18
45355 Essen


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