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There is still much to do: The RSTC Europe is a problem solver.

Whether in free-diving, fair trade in tourism, indoor-diving, UW-photography, Nitrox, Trimix, Rebreather, TEC-diving, E-Learning – all these trends help the diving sport to achieve advancement. Not all experienced an equally broad support – nevertheless exactly these innovations make the diving sport very interesting.

Nevertheless, it is important for centres, shops and diving schools to open new fields of diving to further develop and to establish first-class service. In the near future, under the general economic development of the world market, more and more divers will want to dive in local and/or domestic waters.

A large problem for a healthy growth (for example in Germany) is the ever more restricted waters situation. Some waters (lakes) are private property and thus often
not accessible, others are closed by national water authorities, sometimes without obvious reason. Others are approved for diving, but may be used exclusively by registered clubs/parties. In the long term this situation can have a very negative effect for the diving sport in local/domestic waters.

RSTC Europe wishes endeavour to ensure that a security and environmentally conscious policy for diving in lakes and confined waters is established, and that discrimination is abolished for divers of different origin (federations, agencies, schools clubs and organizations). The dismantling of barriers, obstacles and prejudices is an indispensable condition at home and abroad, in supporting diving sport to continue.

The municipalities must understand which resources and which social components they should hold, for a consistent and lasting support of diving sport on all levels. Since diving ranks among the kinds of sport in need of an explanation and initial training, some safety-relevant aspects naturally exist. It is all the more valid to create ourselves a foundation of trust and to strengthen the customer connection.

The professional profile of the “Scuba Diving Instructor”– has so far not been protected – and requires a fundamental new consideration. It concerns a rather comprehensive and important professional occupation: a responsible person, an advisor, a consultant, social worker, local speaker, being strongly involved in further development of the trainee diver.

The training of education of the RSTC members who are certified is most important (in accordance with EN 14413 and/or ISO 24802). The sport, leisure and hobby diving is an important component and must be commonly supported by all active parties, municipalities, politicians, federations and agencies. RSTC Europe is an important partner and vital link between sport diving service providers, the diving sport industry, tourism, federations and pertinent and relevant policymakers.

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