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Supporter and pioneer: RSTC Europe standardises quality education

RSTC Europe understands itself to be all these interests a supporter and a pioneer. By surveys and analysis it recognizes the current problem areas, identifies trends and compiles better solutions continuously.

With the provision of know-how about the underwater world it also brings home environmental and reef protection considerations directly to young people and can be integrated into new training areas in schools and diving schools.

By co-operation with universities RSTC Europe ensures that diving becomes a part of broader public interest. The initial position is very good: in some institutions, sport diving is already anchored in the curriculum of the universitie’s sport programmes. At sport universities, students learn, in context of their training programme as diving instructors, to be trained and educated even further.

Thus, the foundation stone can be put there to establish the diving sport – in any form – firmly in the general educational subjects. For the diving industry, it is important to convert this positive trend into appropriate measures in order to become aware of the requirements of customers. In addition it is a necessary measure of investment for further education for staff in diving and holiday centres. The qualification of personnel in itself, should both be regarded as a new technical development in the sports diving industry, e.g. Nitrox and Rebreather.

This is not only valid for the diving centres in holiday resorts, but also in the local diving centre – which is just as important to RSTC Europe for excellent training of the entire team.

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