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Diving with fun and safety. Worldwide. RSTC Europe: We are setting standards!

The RSTC Europe – Recreational Scuba training Council of Europe –  is a union of the commercial sport diving organizations of Europe. The controlling body was created back in 1994 and since then has continuously strived to achieve unity and professionalism in the European sport diving market.

RSTC Worldwide, to which RSTC Europe belongs, works on the development of standards for scuba divers training – both for sport and leisure divers as well as
recreational diving instructor’s training at diving centres, dive clubs and shops. During the introduction of the uniform, federation and agency-neutral minimum standards, RSTC Europe ensures that the international established standards could be adapted to the different needs of all to reach a better understanding between the individual member organizations. This also allows for comparable certifications in accordance with the EN and ISO standards, providing substantial advantages to all divers. This is intended to achieve common acceptance of the diving industry on a European and International level.

RSTC Europe is also a responsible and vital member and founder of the EUF (European Underwater Federation), into which a lot of recognition and experience from RSTC Members is directed. This is valid for the conception, production, improvement of the existing standards and to allow for federation-
neutral certifications. The expertise of RSTC Europe supplies valuable assistance and knowhow to national institutions.

The organization consistently provides standards for the development of equipment and industrial standards and co-operates closely with the European committee for standardisation: CEN (

The furthering and advancement of safety-relevant standards and conditions are a priority without neglecting the associated economic aspects.

RSTC Europe mediates here as an important link between manufacturers and consumers. Beside the security issues, the organization dedicates itself towards environmental awareness and protection, in particular the protection of the underwater world and its reefs, fauna and flora. Activities and special actions by organizations are supported where they will benefit the environment. Thus, RSTC Europe also contributes to the promotion of tourism and maritime interests. By its comprehensive activities and high volume of trained divers, RSTC Europe is also an important and active member of RSTC Worldwide.

RSTC Europe is a present Member of RSTC Worldwide, which consists of the RSTCUS the RSTC-Canada and Japan. These organisations together, representing the international acknowledgment of sport diving intended to enhance associated public acceptance. The security issues in connection with the world-wide practice of sport diving, is a priority for all members of RSTC Worldwide.

RSTC-Europe Administration
c/o International Aquanautic
Club GmbH & Co. KG
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